Enhancement: Black Market DNA

Publishing my first novel and a short story as a bonus!

After several rounds of writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading, Enhancement: Black Market DNA is on the market. I enjoyed blending my science background with some Enhancement: Black Market DNAspeculative fiction in this technothriller and I hope that it does its job and entertains its readers. Besides incorporating some bioengineering concepts like genetic therapies and manufactured biomaterials, I also injected a heavy dose of Baltimore into the novel. Baltimore, at times a bit frightening and sometimes charming, is undoubtedly a unique city full of character. It set the stage for what I hope is an action-packed, thrill ride of a novel.


But thaImprisoned_Ebookt’s not all I’ve published in the past couple days. I wrote a short story called Imprisoned. It’s a sci-fi adventure inspired by my recent visit to Tallin, Estonia set in a future where biotechnology has influenced human life both in incremental and drastic way. Nick, our protagonist, faces the gritty reality of biotechnology when it is abused and manipulated. This story makes up the first in a series that will eventually comprise an entire novel by this September. I’m writing each part to be enjoyed like an episode of a TV show. Each can be enjoyed as they are published every two weeks, or they can be binge-read once the whole compilation comes out as if you’ve got a weekend getaway with Netflix.


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