Extinction Ashes

Extinction Ashes

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The ashes have fallen and the dust clears to a startling discovery…

Beyond the reach of the nuclear infernos, the masterminds survived and continue their assault on outposts across the Allied States. Timothy Temper and Sergeant Ruckley narrowly escaped one of those attacks. On the run from hostile forces, they fight to get an urgent message to command—the monsters aren’t the only threat. Their human allies have a nuclear weapon.

Refusing to hide underground, President Jan Ringgold heads to New York. Doctor Kate Lovato and her team are there working to infiltrate and sabotage enemy communications. To buy them time, S.M. Fischer and his engineers deploy technology to detect incoming Variant attacks. But they can’t hold the monsters for much longer.

Deep in enemy territory, Master Sergeant Fitzpatrick and Captain Beckham discover the terrifying truth behind the New Gods and a plan even more nefarious than eliminating the human race. This time, the future depends not just on the survival of Team Ghost, but their ability to convince new allies to join the fight before it’s too late.

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