Final Crucible Cover

Final Crucible

Final Crucible

The enemy took everything from Fin. And he wants it back.


First, they stole his dog. Then they destroy his ship. And after a violent space station attack, they devastate his home in the stars.


Unidentified enemy forces execute a spectacularly violent assault within the Union on a Ranger Corps-affiliated space station. Fearful of a mole in their ranks, the Ranger Corps locks down all nearby space stations and planetary systems as they seek to flush out the traitor.


Complicating the matter, the enemy liberated a cadre of the galaxy’s most dangerous outlaws from the Rangers’ Protected Species Division prisons. And with the prisoners, they kidnapped many of Fin’s allies, including stalwart friend Warrox.


Fin, Renata, Drake, Audrey, Theta, and a freshly rescued Jacques must outmaneuver the Ranger Corps’ own security protocols in frantic pursuit of their close allies and the Ranger Corps fugitives.


As if this mission weren’t already personal enough, the raiders of the Ranger Corps station may also be responsible for the disappearance of Drake’s broodmates.


With no support and a brand-new spaceship salvaged from an intergalactic junkyard, Fin and the crew embark on their most perilous mission yet. They have only one advantage: Jacques is back and ready for action. Or at least moral support.