Books and Stories

Biostorm book cover
Biostorm: Vector, Book One
Demon Mind book cover
Demon Mind: Vector, Book Two
The Tide
The Tide: Breakwater
The Tide: Salvage
The Tide: Deadrise
The Tide: Iron Wind
The Tide: Dead Ashore
The Tide: Ghost Fleet
The Tide: Devil to Pay
The Tide: Dry Gallows
The Tide: Final Surge
Eternal Frontier
Eternal Frontier
Edge of War
Shattered Dawn
Rebel World
Dark Abyss
Enhancement: Black Market DNA
Enhancement: Black Market DNA
Malignant: Black Market DNA
Variant: Black Market DNA cover
Variant: Black Market DNA
Fatal Injection by Anthony J Melchiorri
Fatal Injection
The Human Forged
The God Organ
Ship Wrecked - High Resolution
Shipwrecked in Siberia