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Wild Warriors

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The fate of the New Frontier rests in the hands of a few brave warriors…

Six months after the deadly attacks on Fort Golden and Estes Park, Colorado is on the verge of collapse. Sam “Raven” Spears and Calvin Jackson struggle to rebuild and protect their families and friends that have remained. Sheriff Lindsey Plymouth and the Rangers desperately fight to hold back the marauders penetrating their borders. And all the while, the bioengineered Wild Fire plague continues spreading through the New Frontier and beyond.

From his throne in Salt Lake City, Rattlesnake leader Eddy “Ahiga” Nez rules the wild lands through terror and violence despite a ceasefire he signed with the newly inaugurated American President. Eddy seeks to expand his reign beyond the borders. To take back what was stolen from his people by any means necessary.

As more blood spills, Raven, Calvin, and Lindsey band together in one last effort to save their home. But to do that, they must stop the source of the evil destroying the New Frontier—Eddy Nez must die.

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