Shipwrecked in Siberia

Shukshin may be an ordinary truck driver, but his delivery route demands all the poise and determination of a ship’s captain in the vice-grip of a storm. He travels a highway buried in the depths of the Siberian taiga to bring vital supplies to towns before winter swallows the roads and makes them impassable. His task is one of dire necessity and certain peril, confronting the thorny side of both men and nature. 

Fortunately, Shukshin is not alone. In his copilot’s seat, Dusha, his faithful dog, joins Shukshin in his adventures through the taiga. But, when a blizzard rages through Siberia, Shukshin finds himself in a desperate scramble for survival. Even Dusha may not be able to save him from the grim dangers that lie in wait behind ice and darkness. 

Shipwrecked in Siberia is a 7,100 word, 29-page story of survival, following a man and his dog as they struggle, side by side, for a chance at life in the unforgiving ocean of the Siberian taiga.