Silent Fire

Silent Fire


A fisherman in the Philippines discovers a man’s body tangled in his nets. No one can identify the deceased or where he came from. More frightening, no one can figure out why his body shows horrifying evidence of an incurable new disease.

Covert ops group Vector is sent to Southeast Asia to see if there is more to this disease than meets the eye. When operatives Alex Wolfe and Skylar Cruz visit the hospital where the corpse was taken, their investigation is cut short by a devastating terrorist attack. Wolfe is forced to enlist the help of Tracy Nguyen, woman from his past life with the CIA. Nguyen specializes in counterterrorism operations in Southeast Asia. Together, they must track down the extremist group at the center of this evolving conspiracy.

But nothing adds up. The extremists have access to seemingly unlimited resources and genetically engineered organisms that even the most advanced biomedical laboratories in the United States have never seen.

Only after tracking the group across the globe do Wolfe, Cruz, and Nguyen learn that the mysterious corpse is just the beginning. They find themselves quickly mired in a world filled with zealous terrorists, shadowy government actors, and international crime syndicates. At the forefront of all the chaos, the extremists seek to execute a diabolical plan with ambitions far greater than Vector could have possibly imagined.

The fate of modern civilization rests in Vector’s hands.

In Silent Fire,Wolfe and Cruz race to stop a never-before-seen biological weapon in the third action-packed installment to the Vector series.