The God Organ is here!

Who wouldn’t want an artificial organ that keeps cancer at bay, helps prevent illnesses like the flu, cures genetic diseases, and best of all, prevents wrinkles? I can’t imagine many of us would turn our nose up at that offer–I’d have a hard time declining.

A similar question was first posed to me by a professor back when I was attending the University of Iowa. This professor hosted an outstanding class examining the implications of the Technological Singularity. The idea of a technological singularity spawned from the persistent acceleration of technology. Experts like Vernor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil propose that artificial intelligence will at some point, due to our scientific innovation, become self-aware. At that time, this superintelligence will take on a life of its own that cannot be restrained by the mere intelligence of human beings.

In the biotech world, such a monumental event would take place when we unlock the keys to anti-aging, self-preservation, and, essentially, biological immortality. But who would have access to such technologies? Who could afford it? Even it was just a device or set of treatments that kept your heart thumping for another couple hundred years, how would that alter the economy if people choose not to–or cannot–retire? What about family life? Great-great-great grandma and grandpa might keep having babies if they look and feel like they’re still in their thirties.

The God Organ isn’t an attempt to answer these questions but it was inspired by thinking about these predicaments. I wanted to explore the lives of a few characters living on the brink of this biotechnological revolution and how they’re interacting with a world that’s on the edge of drastic change. This book has been in the making for a two and a half years. I’m proud to announce it’s finally out in the world.

You can pick a copy of The God Organ up here on Amazon. Thanks!