I’m gearing up to release my first full-length novel in the middle of June. While the exact date is not yet determined, it looks like it’ll be sometime between  June 16th to the 23rd. Countless hours tapping away at the laptop and tearing through endless cups of coffee, the reality of getting that book out there is finally becoming, well, reality.

This book will follow Christopher Morgan, an ex-con illegal genetics enhancement dealer, as he races to discover why his name appears on a hit list. Although I’ve not personally worked with genetic treatments like Chris, I’ve enjoyed drawing some inspiration from my work in bioengineering. Today is an exciting time to be in the biomedical field. Research topics range from the engineering of artificial organs to developing new ways of delivering pharmaceuticals through nanoparticles. It’s been fun blending real-world biomedical topics with fictional worlds and I hope that others enjoy reading Chris’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. In one month, I suppose, we’ll begin to find out.


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